About Us

PHAU, is a company involved in Education Industry and distributing nationwide our K-12 System across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Thru partnership with LGU's we have give our Public School System our Academic Fitness K-12 System.

One of PHAU's guiding principles is the promotion of the Competencies, Educational Improvement and welfare of Filipino students and Teachers. In Line with this, PHAU.

PHAU is a dedicated provider of complete solutions and services for the entire IT Infrastructure, strategically designed especially for the enterprise market.

PHAU operates to deliver sales, marketing and distribution services to best of breed technology companies throughout Asia, Europe, and the America's, seeking to exploit the commercial opportunities that their technology have in the greater Philippines.


To assist schools in achieving a common goal of providing quality education and service with the use of technology.

To be globally competitive by aligning the tools that we use with International and local standard products.

Assist schools who would like to transition to K-12 Curriculum.

Catch student interest by shifting to a new approach and lead them to superior quality of education.


To ensure that we provide the most excellent "of the shelf programs" that will meet our client's requirements and objectives with the best result and support their interest. Provide outstanding support that would show our dedication in bringing in benefit for our client and the community it holds.


AFSE will continue its operation by focusing operation under 2 goals:

1. To demonstrate product and service superiority that will not only build the Company's credibility but also leave a mark as one of the worlds top IT Solutions Provider.

2. To Continously progress and have the capacity to provide work those who are less fortunate by developing their talents and help them liberate their potential to become good citizens with the help from God.